Easton Salsa Company was established in 2007 by popular demand from friends of Art Skrzenski. He had been making his salsa and hot sauce for fun since the early 90's. The majority of his products are fresh and raw, making them healthier than your average store-bought product. Art strives to source the best ingredients and keeps it local from the production to printing of his labels to his employees.

Art perfected how to make these salsas and hot sauces while on a pilgrimage to New Mexico. He learned all of the tricks and secrets necessary to creating these products and has since become a stalwart of the Easton Farmers’ Market amongst other farmers’ markets. In addition to creating his own variations of salsa and hot sauce, he works with local businesses to make custom products for their restaurants.

In addition to salsa and hot sauce, Art also makes hummus, cream cheese and other seasonal items. When discussing his products, Art said “I don’t have fans, I have addicts.” His creations are versatile and great for cooking, parties and tailgating, especially if you want to try something new!

To check all of the different products that Art and Easton Salsa Company offer, you can find him every Saturday at the Easton Farmers’ Market! His salsas and hot sauces are also served at Two Rivers Brewing Company, Pearly Baker’s Alehouse, Porter's Pub, Black and Blue, Cosmic Cup, Green Harvest, and Full of Crepe (Bethlehem). Easton Salsa Company products can be purchased wholesale or retail - Art is constantly making it so it’s sure to be fresh!

Phone: (201) 978 - 9375

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Easton Farmers Market Saturdays 9am - 1pm
Emmaus Farmers Market Sundays 10am - 2pm